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Formula One wall mural for garage wall for client Vitol Corporation.

Welcome to the website of Christian Navarrete's art. Navarrete's art is often described as subliminal, surreal art with a dash of sattire. His use of colors are bold and vibrant. He can create a custom portrait on canvas for your new home or a lifesize wall mural for your business and even draw caricature portraits at your next dinner party. He is well versed in a variety of art mediums such as inks, markers, watercolors, acrylics, oils, latex paints, spray paint as well as numerous different styles. Christian Navarrete is available and ready to create your next piece of artwork to decorate any lifestyle and mood that suits you. Navarrete offers high standard quality art with professional results. Feel free to browse and enjoy the variety of unique one of a kind art that Navarrete has to offer. Ask us how we can help you with our visual solutions to bring your ideas to life!

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